Christmas Wishlist 2017



Christmas is just around the corner and it brings such wonderful feelings.It’s not only for the presents but for the joy of your closest friends and family with you.This is some things I really want to have and maybe you will like it too.And it will remind you to make your own wishlist and show it to your BFF or your mother/father.But I actually think if someone knows you they also will know what would you want and need for Christmas.And remember it’s important to be grateful for all that we already have.


On the top of my list are:





To be honest ‘The hearts we sold”is a book I wanted since I ever saw it in instagram.I think I’ve fallen in love with it before I had the chance to even read it.But yes books are on my top of the list because we all have to focus on a healthy mind.And to motivate ourselves to be educated.






I love Christmas sweathers.They are just so fluffy and warm and good-looking. I wish I could have like a thousand of them in my closet.It brings such a nice atmosphere if the whole family is gathered by the christmas tree wearing christmas sweathers.


Skincare products


This is really important.We all want that glowy skin.To have that we need to take care of it.I don’t know if I have any favorite brands but maybe I will have to look for something.



Purple/Dark Red Bedding



Something I wanted since summer.I want to redecorate my room so bad.


Spa treatment




Cause I’m a princess DUH.


So that’s pretty much what I have in my wishlist.I have plans for my big,great love but that’s not really materialistic. Anyway, I hope this list gave you some ideas for what to buy/ask for this holiday season.


-Absurdly Evil 20 something



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