How to get over someone ?



Being in love with someone is magical until you break up.Then it’s hell.Girls take this harder unlike the boys.You start to feel this pain in your chest , in your whole body. You don’t want to do anything or to see anyone.You just want to listen to sad music all day and curl up and die.




First thing to know is that They leave for a reason!

Not everyone you want will stay in your life.Simply because you need these break ups to find and understand yourself,to become the person you are destined to be.In time you will feel much better and you will see that the other person lost so much more than you.However you are now very different and you’ve learned so much from that break up.



Don’t blame yourself for what happened.It is not your fault ! In the future someone else  will love you and will care for you.You are beautiful and strong.



Now that you are alone and have so much more time for you, you should start working on yourself and doing more stuff you like and makes you happy.Appreciate the little things around you,because the little moments are not little!



Don’t hate the person you were in a relationship with.There’s no reason to hate him/her .Sometimes it’s best to tell the truth and break up than to live in a lie and to be fooled by someone,or to be cheated on.Things didn’t work out because there’s someone else for you,someone better and would give you all the happiness and love you deserve .


Get it out of your system. Try to spend more time with your friends than to stay alone and cry.Be outside with people and drink coffee or wine ,whatever the thing you want most.Try to forget about it even if it’s hard and you will see in time you will forget it !


You’ll be okay! Remember that !





-Absurdly Evil 20 something


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