Warm and Comfortable Outfit Ideas

It’s November and I have to say it really is more colder. We are used to dress with skirts,heels and t-shirts but it’s time to consider more warm and comfortable clothes.


The first snowfall is approaching so fast and that means you have to be aware with your outfit choices. Meaning – you can look good and feel warm and comfortable while you are about to start your day.



I mean come on. Sweaters are the best choice ! They are always comfortable and you can choose nice and soft sweater in a color you like.My ideal sweater for cold weather is one that can hide a t-shirt underneath it. It gives you an extra layer to keep you warm outdoors, and if it gets too warm indoors, you can take the sweater off.




Leather jackets or coats – depends on how cold it is.I prefer coats because it keeps you more warm and I like how it matches my style.


The leather jackets are pretty but I think they are more for the fall because are waterproof and it makes more sense to wear them.For the winter maybe a more soft with thick lining?



I really enjoy the fur coats.Theay soft and pretty and really popular right now.


fur coat



Obsessed with shoes !!! But when it comes time to search for winter shoes it’s a struggle.Becase the best one would be the one to  fit a thick pair of socks into without feeling tight on your feet.


Also I love the UGS they are like the warmest.


Gloves and scarfs

This is the ultimate accessorie for winter. So choose wisely.


I like gloves that are fluffy and soft and also to keep your hands warm.They are really useful when you are having a snow fight 😀


Scarfs are something I wear every day.So I’m picky. You should pick the one that’s in your favorite color and doesn’t bother you when you wear it-meaning it doesn’t scraches you or it’s not comfortable.







-Absurdly Evil 20 something




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