Netflixing 🎬📺 – Riverdale

I promised I would do this every Saturday but I forgot … sorry. Maybe it’s best just to say in the weekend. 🙂 😀

Moving on with Riverdale.


I freaking love this show ! And now with it’s second season I’m so excited!

Archie Andrews



He is super handsome and so sweet.He has several girl interests.He is struggling with his passion for music and football.


Betty Cooper




She is the perfect daughter,student and best friend.But actually she’s in love with Archie.


Veronica Lodge




Veronica is confident and spicy.I love her style she looks like Blair from GG.


Jughead Jones


C3DzKcMWgAEqYLQ.jpg large


He is smart and sarcastic.He is best friends with Archie and his girlfriend is Betty.


Josie McCoy




She’s so cute Gosh .. and she sings like an angel. I love the Pussycats.


Cheryl Blossom




She is the twin sister of Jason Blossom.Really beautiful,wealthy and entitled.


Jason Blossom




Cheryl’s twin brother, whose murder hangs over the town of Riverdale.


So if you haven’t watched Riverdale I’d advice you to download it.It’s amazing.





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