Free-time activities

What do you do in your free time? Actually the better question would be do you have free time to do your favorite thing? I know we are all busy with our lifes , our school,our homework , our university or our work and free time is a luxury.To be honest I don’t have free time , I kinda manage to go to my Uni and than get back home and do all my assignments and in the mean time – eat,drink enough water and upload pics to my instagram profile and thinking of new ideas for this blog.It’s actually really hard.So today I wanted to ask you guys HOW DO YOU KEEP UP ? In the comments share with me what are your hobbies.


For me personally , I love to write , it doesn’t matter if it’s for the blog or in my book , I make YouTube videos and make WeHeartIt pictures.Down below you can see some of my work.I hope you guys enjoy it ! And share with me what do you do in your free time πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚



This is my production and it is about the After Series by Anna Todd.It is a Wattpad story later published.I am literally obsessed with it ! And this is a fanmade poster and my opinion of how Tessa and Harry (Hardin) should look.I know most of the fans picture Harry (Hardin) as Harry from One Direction or as Daniel Sharman but I kinda picture this hot dark heared boy.His name is Kenneth Nixon and he is a member of the band called “Framing Hanley”. So yeah , hope you guys like it.Maybe tell me who do you picture as Harry ?? πŸ™‚




This is a picture made for WeHeartIt and it is black and white – real simple quote.I made this when I was really frustrated … so yes that’s the result haha πŸ˜€



This was when I was in love … so many feelings ahh πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ It literally felt like my heart is burning.




This is from my wine collection. I have a lot like theese … once upon a time when my daily routine included wine and green olives. Yes, good times.




Last but not least.This is actually dedicated to my book.It has something aesthetic and magical in it.I fucking love it , it’s so real.It’s like at any moment this beautiful girl will look at you and smack you with the softness in her look.

This is my version of a ‘Bared to you’ trailer.

And this is from my TVD obsession!

For ANTM fans – Allison Harvard

This is for Katherine’s fans (TVD) and it’s a really old video like 6 years ago…



-Absurdly Evil 20 something


How to be the best version of yourself



This is a blog post about being the best version of yourself you can be.I have to say it is amazingly how people can change and be happy if only they are ready and want to change.In that order of thoughts :


Make your S O U L your priority


To do so you have to be patient with yourself and be proud of your little victories.Every step you take is a step closer to the person you are meant to be.There’s no better people.We are all the same.We all have goals,dreams,fears.But we have to remember to always be kind!Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul.




Love learning new things

In that way you can improve your brain.Read about adventures,philosophy or even physics.Discuss with your friends literature other languages and most importantly don’t be shy or embarrassed of the things you know.You should be proud!



Learn to admire others beauty without questioning your own.


I think this is the most important.Everyone and everything has it’s own beauty and qualities.Everyone has a gift.Social medias are messing with our brains and telling us what’s pretty and what’s not and it’s all about likes or shares or views.But in real life it’s not like that! I don’t know what will happen to the people obsessed with being fameous in the social media.They will go crazy ,I think. Likes ARE NOT important.That boy with the black hair is handsome,that girl with the dimples is beautiful, that girl that is chubby she is beautiful , that boy with the attitude – he is going through hard times. You have to start think about others not just about yourself.Admire the girl that is thin , admire the girl that is smart and in the mean time admire yourself for being you.For being strong,independent,crazy,beautiful and colorful.




Never give up!


Even if it’s hard.All things are difficult before they are easy ! Find your goals and work for them.Be the best thing that happened to you.Be that strong and independent woman!

Get up

Dress up

Never give up




Dress to impress


This is last in this post because it’s not as important as the ones above but is still kind of important.Just because- imagine being in front of an ugly house would you want to check it out ? Would you get in there just because maybe it will surprise you ? Not everyone will… Now imagine the opposite – being in front of a beautiful house but inside it’s moldy and not what you expected.Not cool right? That’s why the interior must match with the exterior.That will give you self esteem.


“Be a better you, for you” and remember to stay in your magic.




-Absurdly Evil 20 something


Christmas Wishlist 2017



Christmas is just around the corner and it brings such wonderful feelings.It’s not only for the presents but for the joy of your closest friends and family with you.This is some things I really want to have and maybe you will like it too.And it will remind you to make your own wishlist and show it to your BFF or your mother/father.But I actually think if someone knows you they also will know what would you want and need for Christmas.And remember it’s important to be grateful for all that we already have.


On the top of my list are:





To be honest ‘The hearts we sold”is a book I wanted since I ever saw it in instagram.I think I’ve fallen in love with it before I had the chance to even read it.But yes books are on my top of the list because we all have to focus on a healthy mind.And to motivate ourselves to be educated.






I love Christmas sweathers.They are just so fluffy and warm and good-looking. I wish I could have like a thousand of them in my closet.It brings such a nice atmosphere if the whole family is gathered by the christmas tree wearing christmas sweathers.


Skincare products


This is really important.We all want that glowy skin.To have that we need to take care of it.I don’t know if I have any favorite brands but maybe I will have to look for something.



Purple/Dark Red Bedding



Something I wanted since summer.I want to redecorate my room so bad.


Spa treatment




Cause I’m a princess DUH.


So that’s pretty much what I have in my wishlist.I have plans for my big,great love but that’s not really materialistic. Anyway, I hope this list gave you some ideas for what to buy/ask for this holiday season.


-Absurdly Evil 20 something


Writing a letter to your ex

When a couple breaks up after months of being together , one can experience a deep sadness. Perhaps it’s safe to say that most people want to be happy.Being with your soul mate is happiness and all that feelings can’t just go away that easy.Other thing to think about is that if he actually is / was your soul mate you wouldn’t have broken up.You would still be together. I think after realising what was and what your feelings were you can proceed with your life.To do that you can write a letter to your ex , it’s a method of saying everything you ever wanted but never could, you can display your thoughts and all your messed up feelings.And after doing all that you will feel much better and you can burn that letter or tear it apart.After that you can actually enjoy being here in this big, crazy, confusing world. Too many people struggle with love/ex/sadness . Speaking from personal experience being in love is meeting someone who is unlike any other.You could talk to this person for hours and not feel bored.You can tell them things and they won’t judge you.And they won’t leave you! The other ones are just people that need to pass through your life for a reason – to teach you something important.I had so many bad relationships and it was hard and there were a lot of tears but at the end of the day they weren’t the ones I needed by my side. And that is what’s happening to you. You don’t need them! You need someone that will cherish you and love for who you are.




People are so lonely much of their lives that they fail to recognize toxicity in their relationships. Negative, selfish and untrustworthy people do their friends more harm than good just by being around them.I have to say being in a bad friendship is also toxic. Be really careful when you choose your friends,boyfriend/girlfriend.You must be veryΒ  picky and skeptical when getting close to people and allowing strangers into your life. Not everyone has good intentions.So think about that.

You can also try and write a letter to your ex best friend.It will be helpful too.It’s normal to stop being a friend to someone because they or you changed.Everyone grows and starts to think and want different things in life.You can be just thankful for the memories.




When I want to feel better and to shake off my sad thoughts I start writing – poetry,stories,essays or even a letter.




In conclusion,I will say that happiness can most certainly be kept – and not just momentary happiness but true, long-lasting happiness, which is not something that just comes to a person.You have to work for it and most imprortantly you must let yourself to be happy !


-Absurdly Evil 20 something

How to get over someone ?



Being in love with someone is magical until you break up.Then it’s hell.Girls take this harder unlike the boys.You start to feel this pain in your chest , in your whole body. You don’t want to do anything or to see anyone.You just want to listen to sad music all day and curl up and die.




First thing to know is that They leave for a reason!

Not everyone you want will stay in your life.Simply because you need these break ups to find and understand yourself,to become the person you are destined to be.In time you will feel much better and you will see that the other person lost so much more than you.However you are now very different and you’ve learned so much from that break up.



Don’t blame yourself for what happened.It is not your fault ! In the future someone elseΒ  will love you and will care for you.You are beautiful and strong.



Now that you are alone and have so much more time for you, you should start working on yourself and doing more stuff you like and makes you happy.Appreciate the little things around you,because the little moments are not little!



Don’t hate the person you were in a relationship with.There’s no reason to hate him/her .Sometimes it’s best to tell the truth and break up than to live in a lie and to be fooled by someone,or to be cheated on.Things didn’t work out because there’s someone else for you,someone better and would give you all the happiness and love you deserve .


Get it out of your system. Try to spend more time with your friends than to stay alone and cry.Be outside with people and drink coffee or wine ,whatever the thing you want most.Try to forget about it even if it’s hard and you will see in time you will forget it !


You’ll be okay! Remember that !





-Absurdly Evil 20 something

Fun Things To Do With Your Friends

If you are feeling bored or don’t think of anything to do with your besties maybe it’s time to think of something different and fun.Here you can find some tips for a fun and interesting day with your clique.


Do a makeover



Letting your friends change your look will be so much fun! If you are preparing to go out this will be a sure bounding experience and you might even love your makeover.


Change Haircut/Hair color

This would be life changing I promise ! Whether it’s the haircut or the hair color it will be a game changer . It will boost your self esteem.


Have a picnic



This will be a real fun. You can play games,talk about everything,take pictures,eat you favorite meals and enjoy yourselves.


Movie Night



This is the best. Watching together movies or series is like the most amazing thing.


Cooking Together



We do this often.What’s more cute than a get together to cook? You can just fool around,laugh and in the mean time cook something delicious.


Do poetry/art together




This is really personal and to do it with your best friend will mean something pretty amazing for your friendship.


Read Books Together




Yass !! This is really intimate experience because reading is entering in another world and to do it with your bestie would mean you will not feel hours and hours and still be together and do something fun.It’s a nerdy thing to do.


Get Lost


Because why not ?Β  Go and explore ,do fun things and be free! Don’t get too lost tho haha.


Go swimming




Bonfires on the beach






-Absurdly Evil 20 something







Warm and Comfortable Outfit Ideas

It’s November and I have to say it really is more colder. We are used to dress with skirts,heels and t-shirts but it’s time to consider more warm and comfortable clothes.


The first snowfall is approaching so fast and that means you have to be aware with your outfit choices. Meaning – you can look good and feel warm and comfortable while you are about to start your day.



I mean come on. Sweaters are the best choice ! They are always comfortable and you can choose nice and soft sweater in a color you like.My ideal sweater for cold weather is one that can hide a t-shirt underneath it. It gives you an extra layer to keep you warm outdoors, and if it gets too warm indoors, you can take the sweater off.




Leather jackets or coats – depends on how cold it is.I prefer coats because it keeps you more warm and I like how it matches my style.


The leather jackets are pretty but I think they are more for the fall because are waterproof and it makes more sense to wear them.For the winter maybe a more soft with thick lining?



I really enjoy the fur coats.Theay soft and pretty and really popular right now.


fur coat



Obsessed with shoes !!! But when it comes time to search for winter shoes it’s a struggle.Becase the best one would be the one toΒ  fit a thick pair of socks into without feeling tight on your feet.


Also I love the UGS they are like the warmest.


Gloves and scarfs

This is the ultimate accessorie for winter. So choose wisely.


I like gloves that are fluffy and soft and also to keep your hands warm.They are really useful when you are having a snow fight πŸ˜€


Scarfs are something I wear every day.So I’m picky. You should pick the one that’s in your favorite color and doesn’t bother you when you wear it-meaning it doesn’t scraches you or it’s not comfortable.







-Absurdly Evil 20 something



Halloween costume ideas


Halloween is tomorrow !! I just can’t wait.This is my favorite holiday since I was like 9.

Today I have some suggestions for you.If you want to be scary and pretty at the same time look down and choose one idea.


Bloody Ghost



This looks really scary and it reminds me of Tate /AHS/ but like the female version.


Sexy Vampire



This is something I would do. But unfortunately I was a vampire the year before.I guess I have to think something new.






Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!


Cat / Catwoman



Something beautiful and colourful.I really like this.





So gentle and pretty .


Harley Quinn



This one is very popular.I don’t think I would dress up like that but whatsoever it’s girly.






I love this.Oh my God I love this so much. Who wants to be in a coven with mee ??





This is so cool. If you are blonde you would rock this.





This is the last one I could think of.Of course there are a lot of other ideas.But I hope this one helped you.


-Absurdly Evil 20 something

Netflixing πŸŽ¬πŸ“Ί – Riverdale

I promised I would do this every Saturday but I forgot … sorry. Maybe it’s best just to say in the weekend. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

Moving on with Riverdale.


I freaking love this show ! And now with it’s second season I’m so excited!

Archie Andrews



He is super handsome and so sweet.He has several girl interests.He is struggling with his passion for music and football.


Betty Cooper




She is the perfect daughter,student and best friend.But actually she’s in love with Archie.


Veronica Lodge




Veronica is confident and spicy.I love her style she looks like Blair from GG.


Jughead Jones


C3DzKcMWgAEqYLQ.jpg large


He is smart and sarcastic.He is best friends with Archie and his girlfriend is Betty.


Josie McCoy




She’s so cute Gosh .. and she sings like an angel. I love the Pussycats.


Cheryl Blossom




She is the twin sister of Jason Blossom.Really beautiful,wealthy and entitled.


Jason Blossom




Cheryl’s twin brother, whose murder hangs over the town of Riverdale.


So if you haven’t watched Riverdale I’d advice you to download it.It’s amazing.




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